May 2019   
Bible Search

Rev. David Shewmaker

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Worship Leader

Rev. Sara Potter

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On-Site Director

Jeff Opine

Co-Director of Music

Mike Tompkins

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Co-Director of Music

Evaonne Hendricks

Evaonne Hendricks has been a Camp Living Waters regular for a number of years.  She loves to play music and sing.  She thinks the voices of everyone singing together is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world! Nothing would make her happier than to have loads of kids show up with instruments, and to share songs with them.

General Operations

Ben Hart

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Ben has been with CLW from its early years as a camper, counselor, and staff. He's operated as Senior Counselors, Medic, Director, Waterfront Director, and Kitchen Director. 


Spenser Erickson

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Camp Administrator Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Susan Armstrong

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Former Priest-In-Charge at Christ Episcopal Church, Eureka

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Humboldt State University

Mom extraordinaire


Emily Armstrong Buck

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Emily has been attending camp nearly every year since she was 8 years old, and camp has been a formative and affirming part of her faith journey as an Episcopalian. After years as a camper, she served at camp as a  Counselor, Young-Adult Staffer, Waterfront Director, Glade Leader, Co-Director and On & Off-site Director. She clearly loves camp, and even enjoys the presents the bears leave us underfoot when they sometimes visit at night! Often wishing she could live at the beautiful relaxing Cookson Ranch, you can usually find her wandering around camp with a clipboard or in Headquarters...trying to look busy and drinking coffee.